IDIFU Womens Fashion Bows Platform High Block Heels Pumps Low Top Slip On Court Shoes Blue s44yi

IDIFU Womens Fashion Bows Platform High Block Heels Pumps Low Top Slip On Court Shoes Blue s44yi
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Platform measures approximately 1.25
  • Man-made leather pumps shoes with 4.7 inches heels making you more elegant, which is easy-matching with dresses and jeans
  • Charming and retro elements with closed round toe, slip on, high chunky heeled, low top, bowknot, solid color and rubber sole
  • Suitable for any formal or casual occasions: wedding, party, club, daily life, work, travel, interview, banquet, reception, resort and so on
  • Durable, breathable, waterproof, thick and anti-skid; Well show your elegance, temperament and taste with the classic and fashion design
  • Classic, pretty, comfortable and soft for different groups: girls, ladies, mom, elderly women, bikers, college students, cowgirls and so on
IDIFU Womens Fashion Bows Platform High Block Heels Pumps Low Top Slip On Court Shoes Blue s44yi IDIFU Womens Fashion Bows Platform High Block Heels Pumps Low Top Slip On Court Shoes Blue s44yi

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To this day, I still can’t listen to this track without flailing around and fistpumping like a crazy person. I lose all inhibition and just generally lose my shit. Anyone who dares speak during “Angel” earns themselves an immediate one-way trip to my bad books. All I have ever wanted is to hear this track get dropped at a huge event, preferably during endshow. I feel like it’s pretty unlikely it’ll ever happen, but I’ll never stop wishing.

7.) “Virus” – B-Front

This track is one of those ones I always forget about, then rediscover and love all over again. Prior to discovering this track, my tastes in hardstyle definitely ran towards the more euphoric side of things. This track (along with others such as ‘Bolivia’) started to push me towards rougher, rawer sounding hardstyle. It became less about feelings and emotion, and more about the almost industrial aggression and energy behind the track.

‘Virus’ is a bleak, distorted sounding track that samples “Resident Evil: Afterlife”. It opens with the haunting quote “ Five years ago… A virus escaped, and everybody died “. This immediately set the image of a post-apocalyptic world and put you in the right mindset for the rest of the track.

Dark and rough hardstyle is something B-Front does very well, and for someone looking to get their ‘darkstyle’ fix, I’d definitely recommend starting with this track and then investigating his discography further.

8.) BalaMasa Womens Dress SlipResistant Tassels Urethane Boots ABL10424 Brown 4RWUVT

For my explanation of why this track changed my life to make sense, I need anyone who’s reading this to bear with me whilst I paint a picture.

It was 2012, I was just starting to slowly find my feet and establish myself as a raver. I was attending my second defqon. I’d gotten past the initial culture shock, knew what it was about now, and knew why I was there and who I wanted to see. One of the top names on that ‘to see’ list was Zany.

I’ll start off by saying Zany’s set that day was something special and I still get goosebumps remembering it to this day. There’s a reason why he’s so respected in the scene and his DQAUS 2012 set was a perfect example of why.

When Zany opened his set with this track, a strange, almost electrical shiver went through me. My vision seemed to blur for a second and I turned from looking at the stage to looking at the crowd behind me. I suddenly felt tiny, an insignificant contributing element to a much larger power. Whilst this sounds like a negative experience, in this instance it definitely wasn’t. It made me feel light as a feather, free to simply experience and be.

The delicate yet seductive melody of ‘Underwater’ quickly swallowed me whole, I felt like I was on this musical rollercoaster, guided by MC Villain onstage. I was genuinely moved on an emotional level, I wanted that track and that moment to never end.

9.) “Imaginary” – Brennan Heart

Lysa, I just have to tell you that as one who was sitting in the audience that night, you were not the least bit stinky. In fact, you were stunning. God was speaking in and through you and I was floored. I heard you three times at SS’10, and not once was I disappointed. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for your ministry and for putting together such a phenominal conference experience for us all. It was absolutely worth every penny and every second. See you in Sioux City in January! Your friend in the 8-Story house

Vicky Samuel says

Lysa, I am always encouraged in one way or the other each time I go through your blog. May the good Lord empower you continuosly in Jesus name.

Ivanka Trump Womens Boni7 Dress Pump Gray uOYRIEvd

LOVE IT! My mom, who is one of the most well put-together, proper, Godly women ever always use to tell me, “I can’t stand it when women act like their poopy don’t stink.” =) I will never ever forget it!!

Cindy says

I sat in the audience at She Speaks this weekend and was so very impressed by how ‘real’ you are – that comes through when you speak. I took two of your break out sessions and even had a chance to speak with you. I wanted to say THANK YOU for writing ‘Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl’ and you were so gracious. You thanked me and even autographed my book. I have learned so much already and am still trying to absorb the weekend. I was already impressed with the Godliness of the P31 staff, but am especially so now that I have actually met many of you. Your collective pursuit of God is so evident, the passion for Jesus and life change is there – in all of you, it is there!! Thank you again!!

Lysa- That line is a huge gift to me today. I was filled to overflowed at She Speaks last weekend and then came home to the chaos of my life with a terminally ill child. He’s been a bit unstable lately with GI so we’ve been talking about poop a lot! LOL My husband had a work trip this week so all was left on me. My son will be 13 this fall and is struggling so much with the decline of his body and no the increased restrcitions on what he can eat. He’s been quite aggressive physically and verbally and it’s been hard. I’ve found my self this afternoon feeling quite upset with him and not compassionate at all in spite of all he’s enduring.

And then there’s your truth…. my poop stinks just like yours… which today for me reminded me that I have the same frustration and anger in me, the fears of his decline, and am in no place to judge him or react with anything less than God’s grace and compassion.

Thank you for the reminder!

Becky says


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